This Ransomware Has Hit Many Countries Including India!


Yesterday, Was the World War 3. Fortunately, it didn’t happen. However, An Attack has happened yesterday, which happened on a massive scale of WW3.

It’s a Cyber Attack and It has already infected millions of systems worldwide, including Our country India.

It’s called as “WannaCry”.


WannaCry is basically a ransomware ( a type of virus which doesn’t allow access to your data by holding it for a ransom) which infects your computer based on an exploit.

According to Security researchers, WannaCry is using an exploit of Windows which was first developed by the NSA.

Several big companies, like Telefonica, which is one of the largest telecom operators in the world said that all their systems have been brought to a halt due to this ransomware.

Many Countries have reported being infected by this, including, the UK, US, China, Russia, Spain, Italy and Taiwan.etc


So, What does this do?

It encrypts your valuable data using AES and other forms of encryption and demands a sum of usually $300-$600 which if not paid by 3 days, doubles the amount.

If the user doesn’t pay even after 7 days, then all his data is deleted.

They see a wallpaper like this:

How Can you Protect Yourself?

  • Avoid Pirated software and movies.
  • Avoid going to suspicious links
  • Avoid falling for suspicious emails.
  • Scan every file using a good antivirus
  • Do not Browse Porn sites.
  • Lastly, Shift to Linux!

Do you want an in-detailed post on how to safeguard yourself? Let us know in the comments and we shall have it for you.

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