Samsung Reveals a New Galaxy Note, Launching This Month! No Its not the Note 8?



Samsung seems to have a new plan in mind. Yes, everyone is looking forward to the launch of the Galaxy Note 8, but Samsung has got something else in the house for us.

The company is launching the new Samsung Galaxy Note Fan Edition. The Fan Edition is nothing new, but the refurbished version of the Galaxy Note 7. It is all set to launch on July 7th in its home country Korea.

You guys might be wondering if this is a gimmick or a rumor, but, This is a confirmed news!
The Korean carrier, LG UPLUS confirmed that Samsung is indeed launching a Fan edition.

The Note 7 fan edition is available for pre-orders until July 6th. However, the note FE has slightly different specifications apart from the Note 7.

The Note 7 had a 3500 mAh battery, whereas, the note FE is coming up with a smaller 3200 mAh battery. All the internals have been changed, to prevent it from blasting like the Note 7 did.

The Note 8 is all said to launch just a couple of months from now, and considering the flagship specifications of the Note 8, Is this a wise decision to price the Note FE $600? and launching it, just before the note 8?

We don’t know Samsung’s strategy, and it’s not yet confirmed whether the Note FE will make its debut in India.

Would you buy the new Note FE, if it is launched in India?

Let us know in the comments.

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