RED Announces Hydrogen One, Their 1st Smartphone! All You Need To Know!

red hydrogen

Yes, you read that title right. RED, the company which makes high-end 8K cameras is now entering the smartphone segment. For those who don’t know about this brand, RED is a company which makes cameras for high-end filmmaking.

The cameras manufactured by company are way too expensive and it isn’t made keeping the average consumer in mind. RED camera and its accessories usually cost in lakhs of rupees.


The company, a couple of days back, made an announcement. This shocked all the RED enthusiasts, as people thought it might be another upgraded version of the video camera or an accessory. But, to their surprise, RED announced that it’s entering the smartphone segment.

Wait! Did you say, Smartphones?

Yes, we did. RED is planning to enter the smartphone market by releasing the RED HYDROGEN smartphone.

It also mentions below that “NO GLASSES NEEDED”.

This puts everyone in a state of awe and amazement. As this smartphone is coming from a brand which has really high standards, we can expect a really high quality and something innovative.

Smartphones today are lacking one thing, that is innovation. Different smartphone companies upgrade the processor, bump up the RAM to an unrealistic number and come up with dual cameras.

The consumers must understand that such high RAM is of no use and it doesn’t really make sense in real life.

RED plans to break the boundaries of innovation, with it’s one of a kind phone, The HYDROGEN.

Every company files a patent to safeguard their ideas and innovation, from the prying eyes of their competitors. RED also filed a patent and everytime a company files a patent, it somehow manages to get leaked online.

Buzznix has got all the leaked images, and here are they:





These images show that this device isn’t just going to be just a smartphone, it’s a whole new level. RED is known for their modularity in camera systems, and now it wants to bring the same to their phone.

This picture shows that the company wants to make something which is much bigger than the average smartphone. A smartphone which can be converted into a camera or adding different mods which can spice up their viewing experience.

If you want to book one for yourself, you can book it here

Although the processor, RAM, and other important things haven’t been mentioned in the documentation, You can Read the detailed specifications about the phone here

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