OnePlus 5 Receives Oxygen OS 5.5 Update: Lot of Bugs Resolved!

oneplus 5

It has been hardly ten days since the phone has launched and the device is getting updates almost on a weekly basis.

That is OnePlus for you. OnePlus seems to be working really hard to clear out all the negative publicity for the OnePlus 5, by offering updates and bug fixes to its in-house Oxygen OS.

oneplus 5

OnePlus a few days back, had faced a flak on the jelly screen issue. The jelly screen issue is apparent when the person scrolls from top till bottom.

When approached, OnePlus gave a bizarre clarification. They told that the screen may have been fixed upside down and it is due to that reason, users are facing the issue.

This issue has created a lot of buzzes, and people have started doubting the company’s manufacturing standards.

Just last week, OnePlus had rolled out the Oxygen OS 4.5.3, and now the OnePlus 5 has got OxygenOS 4.5.5. This update is a 59MB update and sadly, it’s still on the May 2017 security patch.

If you’re a OnePlus user, we’d suggest you upgrade to this version soon, as a lot of your problems will be solved.

It has bugfixes like,

1) Improved voice calling
2) Wifi connectivity issues [solved]
3) OS optimization
4) reduced vibration intensity
5) More battery life while shooting videos

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