Nokia 3310, 3, 5, 6 Are All Set To Be Launched This May 8!

nokia 3310

nokia 3310

We all know that Nokia is set to make a comeback soon. This time it’s going to be the best as it the lineup of devices which it’s launching has got pretty decent specifications.

I know you guys are hearing this news since last year, Trust us, we’re much more tired than you do. This time, Nokia has sent invites to everyone, For an event which is set to happen, two days from now: May 8th.


In case if you forgot, This is the Nokia Lineup:

1) Nokia 3

2) Nokia 5

3) Nokia 6

and our favorite

4) Nokia 3310.

The first 3 phones are android phones and the 3310 is a feature phone.

So, Why is 3310 Our favorite?

It comes with a revamped design, which is certainly more stylish than it’s predecessor. It brings in the Nostalgia of probably our first digital device, that we have used.

As you all know May the 4th is celebrated has StarWars day throughout the world.

Nokia has celebrated it, by releasing this fun video:

We hope It goes well with the pricing and launch.

What are your thoughts?


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