Mozilla Waterfox : A web browser based on Mozilla Firefox

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Waterfox Is New Browser Based On Mozilla Firefox

Waterfox : A web browser based on Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Waterfox : Waterfox is new Firefox Based Browsers. Water fox is new browser introduced by mozilla . Which is also known as the lightning fast browser. Mozilla Waterfox was started back in march 2011 by the 16-year-old boy named alex kontos. He wanted to help mozilla by expanding the ideals of mozilla which had for a free and open web . So he had created waterfox for free fast browsing which is an open source browser based on mozilla platform of 64-bit.

  • Original Author – Alex Kontos
  • Operating System – Windows, OS X, Android, iOS
  • Engine – Gecko
  • License Owner – Mozilla Public License

Mozilla WaterfoxAbout Mozilla Waterfox  😀

Waterfox is a Alternative Browsers, fast and free internet surfing program which is specifically based on mozilla platform for 64 – bit. It has very good quality of mind and speed which makes waterfox so fast. It’s built with intel’s c++ of the most powerful compilers out there. Downlad and Install Waterfox for fast browsing. Mozilla is Creating Waterfox 32-Bit Download it from its official Site.

Visit Official Site – Waterfox

Mozilla Waterfox 64-Bit Download

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