Motorola Launches 2 New Bluetooth Headsets For As Cheap As ₹1xxx


Admit it. Motorola phones exhibit the quality and give you a better experience for its price.

Their In-hand feel, the material used to make the phone and the nano coating which resists water splashes. The Quality is evident.


They offer superb specifications with the best camera. Their Phones have always been people’s favorite, from their affordable E-Series to budget G-Series and the flagship or the innovative X-Series and Z-Series.

Even their Moto Watch is one of the best smart watches in the market right now. A lot of R&D must have taken for the brand to reach to this level, as moto has always been our favorite since childhood. From their Iconic Flip phone to their latest modular smartphone.

Moto G5 has been rated one of the best camera phones available in the market right now.

Keeping all this aside, we also know that Moto manufactures headphones. That reminds us of the two new Bluetooth headsets launched by Motorola yesterday.

That is the Motorola HK255 and Motorola HK115 Bluetooth Headsets.

The highlight feature of these headsets is they offer good connectivity even after being 300Ft. far from the mobile device.

You can connect two mobile devices, simultaneously at once.


Both these headsets come with TrueComfort Technology and an excellent battery life which provides 8.5 hours of talk time and 10 days of standby time.

The HK255 is the advanced variant. It supports A2DP (Advanced Audio Distribution Profile) which helps in offering turn by turn directions, music listening and more! We can even track these headsets if they’re launched.

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The low-end variant priced at ₹1999/- and the high-end variant priced at ₹2499/- we feel they’re a bang for the price. We’d suggest you, take the HK255 variant as there’s not much price difference between the two.

It’s on SALE now!

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