Moto X 2017 Leaked! Shows Dual Camera, Artificial Intelligence And More!

moto x 2017

Are we talking about the yet to be released Moto x 2017?

Motorola Smartphones are one of the best and the oldest smartphones in the market. From their droid Razr to the iconic flip phones.

We miss those?
Ain’t we?

So, Coming to the smartphone industry, Motorola has got 3 series. The G Series, E Series, X Series, and the Z series.

We’ve already discussed about their newly launched Bluetooth Headsets here.

We’ve got a fresh news today. Moto has got a Great device lined up for 2017. The G is already released so it’s time for the X series.

We’re talking about the Moto X 2017

New leaks from sources show us that It has got IP68 Protection, along with Dual Cameras.

This is one of the Best leaks we’ve got as it’s a Video!

Watch it here:

From the Video, it’s seen that There’s an event which is going on, where someone is describing the features of the device.

Dual Camera is clearly seen along with a grill around it. It could be the speaker grill we suppose, But It’s indeed odd to place the speaker there. With the IP68 rating, it’s sure to be completely dust proof and water resistant.

We’re eagerly waiting for its launch. What about you?

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