Lenovo Might Be Shutting Down Zuk Mobile

zuk mobile

zuk mobile

If this is true, then Zuk is dying an early death.

Zuk Mobile had great line up of devices like the Zuk Z1, Zuk Z2, Zuk Z2 pro, and the Zuk Edge.

Out of which only Z1 and Z2 made it to India. This announcement wasn’t officially made by Lenovo, but according to our sources in China, We’re already getting the news.

According to the source, we got to know that there won’t be any Zuk Z3 coming up in the future. There’s a chance that this might be a rumor. So right now we aren’t so sure about this.

Seeing the sales of Zuk Mobile in India, It has steadily declined due to various


1) No Software Updates and
2) Other UI issues.

No one seems to be interested in buying a Zuk device, even though it’s offering such marvelous specifications at half the price of other companies.

zuk mobile

Zuk Z1 was a good device, but as far as we know, When Cyanogen had shut down, There were no updates given to the phone.

The Same Case is with the Vibe X3. Lenovo failed to provide VoLTE update, which resulted in an out lash from the users.

What do you think? We hope that this news turns out to be false and Lenovo rectifies their mistake by concentrating a bit on the software side.

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