Redmi 4 Vs Lenovo K6 Power Vs Yureka Black: Who Wins?


Redmi 4 is a promising device! So is Yureka black and Lenovo k6 as well.

Should I go With Redmi 4? Or YU Black or Lenovo K6?

This question might be intriguing for you, don’t worry as we’ve got you covered.

Go with the Redmi 4

  • You need a better battery.
  • If you want an IR Blaster.
  • You are into development(custom roms.etc).
  • You like Xiaomi.

Choose the YU Black if:

You want a better camera: This can be a deal-breaker for most of us! As It uses the same Sony sensor present on the Lenovo P2.

This makes it a better option for camera enthusiasts, as it has got a better camera than the Redmi Note 4.

You need an FHD display: There’s no doubt that FHD is greater than HD, It may not be a deal breaker but yes, it has a minor impact on the user.

A Corning Gorilla Glass 3: This also must not be a deal breaker but a corning gorilla glass is much better than any other protection used on the device.

You need looks: YU black is indeed a gorgeous device.

Try the Lenovo K6 Power if:

You need a better battery life

You want a better camera: It is similar to YU black and better than Redmi Note 4.

You’ve got no trust over either of the above brands.

We hope you this guide must have helped you make a better decision on your next smartphone purchase.


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