iPhone 8 To Opt Facial Recognition instead of fingerprint sensor?


This is a big news. Everyone in the entire universe waits for the launch of Apple’s new phone each year. Each year, the Technology giant, brings something new, something unique to their phones.

This year, there’s no exception.

The much awaited iPhone 8 is one of the most anticipated phone launches this year and everyone is already guessing the features.

You probably might have heard that the iPhone 8 is going to be a bezel-less beauty with the absence of a fingerprint sensor (touch-ID). People were making various assumptions of an on-screen fingerprint scanner, which we saw for the new Vivo smartphone.


However, Bloomberg reports, beg to differ. According to a report, the company is replacing the touch Id with an all new 3d-facial recognition technology.

This means the upcoming iPhone 8 will have a face scanner, which will unlock when the registered face is put in front of the camera. The report also suggests that all this will happen within a few milliseconds.

Samsung has already incorporated the iris-scanning feature in its flagship, the Galaxy S8. Will iPhone 8 incorporate a facial scanner, which also supports iris scanning technology?

Or will it have an on-screen fingerprint sensor, just like Vivo?

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