HTC Mobile Explodes in Delhi Woman’s Hand; HTC Gives No Response


Mishaps with mobile devices have become a very common scene in today’s world. We get to hear about some or the other blast happening due to a simple mobile phone every day. Many, say it is more common among the Chinese manufacturers.


But, that wasn’t the case with the infamous Note 7 disaster which happened last year, where all the Note 7s across the world started blasting. Samsung had to ultimately recall each and every Note 7 causing too much loss for them.

HTC devices are way costly when it comes to pricing, as most of their devices cost high, but come with mediocre specifications. It is justified by “quality” and “innovation” when compared to Chinese companies. But, unfortunately, it is on the radar right now. A picture of a woman’s burnt hand is being circulated among social media. After a little digging, we found that the woman is from Delhi, India and the smartphone which has exploded is the new HTC Desire 10 pro.


According to her tweet, the phone exploded on June 21st. The phone at the time of the explosion was neither on charge nor on a call, but it got heated up and exploded.

This is what Nidhi(the victim) had to say:

“I am not able to work and even do properly day to day activities. I demand some answers for this. It could have been worst if the phone would have exploded in any kind of transportation and it would have been easy to declare me a terrorist. I want this issue to be resolved and demand to take this situation very seriously.”

Nidhi also says that there has been no response from the company even after a week of constant emails and customer support.

You can show your support by retweeting her post. This can happen with anyone and it’s very irresponsible of HTC to avoid such questions.

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