Facebook’s New Feature: GIF in Comments!


Facebook is known to give faster updates. By fast, we mean really fast, at least 1 update daily. This is insane as Facebook always keeps experimenting with different UI changes in its app. They are slowly rolling out features which weren’t available before.


One such hit feature is the “Reactions” feature in which one can react in different ways instead of just liking that picture. Another feature which rolled out on Facebook and it’s sister applications is the addition of Stories.

Although Instagram stories look cool, Facebook and Messenger stories do not!

In addition to this, we also have WhatsApp stories. It only adds up to the confusion of users on where do they post their story. We’ve been using Instagram stories the most, What about you?
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At first, a person could only add video in the comment section. But now, a person can add a GIF as well. This feature has rolled out to all countries and a user can insert a GIF simply by pressing the GIF button situated beside the comment box.

What do you think of this new feature?
Isn’t it a cool one?


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