5 Best Google Chrome Apps / Extensions/ Plugins

5 best  chrome extensions you will find ever.

Hey guys today I am going to present you . Best Google chrome extensions  we can find. There are many other good apps out there  but here we are showing you ‘5 Best  Google Chrome apps you can find’


5. WhatsApp messaging for  Chrome  

It is a great app which allow you to use Whatsapp on your computer browser instead on your phone . It is made for the people who more often use a computer but still love to use whatsapp.

link: click me


4. Adblock plus Best

This was kind of obvious that this will be in our list but still adblock plus does a great of removing those annoying ads which are all over your webpage.

link: click me

3.Dark skin for YouTube

Yeah this is not so famous but also not so bad plugins which turns your YouTube environment into dark edgy way.


Yeah we tried it and it was cool.And it fives your Browser a Great accent.


link: click me 

2. Awesome new tab page

It Enhances your New Tab Page with greatest customization and power. Awesome . we will give you an easy tutorial to show you how to use it.


link: click here

1. Fire dragon theme 

One of the best chrome themes it is a great theme which will make you fill energized and hot when you open  Chrome.

It is available for google chrome free download.




link : click me

So the list ends over here these were the best extensions and themes chrome.

Thanks guys!! . for joining in and coming on our website and please leave a feedback in our guest book it helps us to improve our website and give you better content.


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