Auto Share Blog Posts on Social Sites

Auto Share Blog Posts on Social Sites

As We Know that Today’s Life is very busy for bloggers because they have to publish post on blog, Secure their blog, Maintain their blog, promote their blog and there are many other things they do for their site and because of these works They can’t get enough time to promote or share their blogs and its post on various social networking sites, Therefore,  I’ve brought a list of auto blog post sharing online tools (sites) which help you by sharing their blog posts automatically as soon as blog post is published on famous social sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus,etc.  Social Media is also a useful way of promoting blogs. Through these tools you can Auto Share Blog Posts on Social Sites Download Google Allo APK .


Twitter feeds is social post sharing site. Twitter Feeds is a Twitter powered site. It updates its database every have hour. It support sharing on sites like Google Plus, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. Tweeterfeeds is a good service to make automated publications on social media. It can automatically publish blog posts to your selected social media channels as and when your posts happen. Twitterfeeds recognizes blog post through your blogs RSS feeds and then promotes them to either or all of your social media channels. You can publish your blog posts to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook pages. The advanced settings of twitterfeed allow you to choose what is published post title + post description or only description. It is used to Auto Share Blog Posts on Social Sites.


Onlywire is a service that allows you to submit your content to a bunch of different bookmarking and microIblogging services at once. It has both a low cost paid option and free options.  To use the free option you simply have to put a little banner on your site and the cool thing is that the banner is actually used by visitors to promote your website… so it is kind of a no brainer in my opinion.  There are loads of sites you can use with Onlywire but I have found that only a few of them actually work automatically and don’t require you to verify info each time you submit something.


HootSuite Social 360° provides a complete toolkit for all your social media endeavors. One comprehensive dashboard allows you to broadcast and amplify messages, monitor and engage in conversations, plus track campaign results. You can Manage Monitor unlimited social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Myspace etc.) Influencer filtering and Social Insights tools to help profile your followers/fans Assign messages to team and track follow-up. It is used to Auto Share Blog Posts on Social Sites.


SocialAdr is just like other tweeting services. Here you are expected to share other people stuff (as I said, never invest more than 20 minutes in this), and they will share your stuff. It is on a point basis where you are deducted with one point (you earned by sharing other people’s posts) for each share of your own post. It has one benefit that you can add various social media channels and not only Twitter. SocialAdr as of now supports many channels like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Ello to name a few.


Buffer is a scheduling and bulk social posting tool that has both free and paidplans. You can manually add links and posts with only text or pictures on it or use its browser extension to share a web page directly on the social profile. Through buffer, you have to literally invest less than 60 seconds to schedule a page to be shared across different social channels and that too at different times for the week. The new scheduler allows you to schedule updates as well as customize it according to your platform and that too at your preferred time of the week.

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